4 Best Dual Flush Toilets UK 2020

Aside from the fact that a dual flush toilet is comfortable to use, it is also water efficient as well as durable. These models are increasingly becoming popular as a result of their ability to save water as compared to standard toilets.

A dual flush toilet comes with two different handles that do not only flush liquid waste but also perform well with solid waste. This article will discuss the four best dual flush toilets you would love to have for your home.

Top 4 Best Dual Flush Toilets

American Standard Siphonic Dual Flush

On our list for the four best dual flush toilets is American Standard siphonic dual flush. This model from American Standard is comfortable for most users, especially seniors and tall people. Unlike most standard toilets, this unit is higher, with about 16.5 inches of the rim off the ground. The height makes it easy for users to get on and off the seat.

This dual flush toilet is an elongated unit that is comfortable to still on when compared to round toilets. Although it does not come with a bidet, this item can be easily added to it. Meanwhile, it has a complicated installation procedure, and you might have to get an extra hand or a professional contractor.

WoodBridge T-0001 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

This model from Woodbridge is another unique dual flush toilet to purchase on the market today. Unlike other models, this unit comes with skirted trap ways that make it easy to clean every part of the toilet. It is also an excellent option for users who are in search of a dual flush toilet to complete the look of their bathroom d├ęcor.

It has a sleek design, which makes it attractive and at the same time, flushes the waste. WoodBridge T-0001 has a super powerful flush, which allows you to flush without any complaint of clogging.

Likewise, it features quite flush, thereby making it easy for you to use this toilet at any time of the day. The dual flush toilet comes in two different types. You can either opt-in for 1.0 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

TOTO is a brand known for the production of high profile toilets with great features. The first feature you would love about this model is the incredible flushing action. This unit features a powerful flush system that allows you to flush at about 1.28-1.4 gallons of water per flush. This system saves up to 20 perfect of water. With CEFiONITECT that comes with this model, you would be able to clean it easily.

Also, this dual flush toilet has a universal height that makes it easy and comfortable for all ages to use. Meanwhile, it is quite expensive to purchase.

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact

What makes this unit one of the best dual flush toilets on the shelves today is that it uses macerating and pump to get rid of waste from the toilet. These systems are efficient and reliable as they do not flush the waste straight into the drainage system.

Also, this dual flush toilets refills itself with a specific volume of water immediately after you flush it. The unit has a small size and can fit many bathrooms perfectly. It has a neat and attractive finish. However, it has a little bit of complicated installation procedure.